In my books, I share a mini-arsenal of the worksheets, exercises, checklists and other resources I lean on personally and that I recommend to readers.

Below you can find links to these resources, arranged by book.

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Baby, You’re Remarkable

This book is the book I wished I’d had four years ago, and I wanted to package up all the insights, ideas and life hacks I learned on my journey.

Get Remarkably Organised

Is your life chaotic? Are you hungry for advice on how to live calmly, happily and productively? The cornerstone of success at work and at home is being organised and, with my help, you can achieve this by forming excellent habits – in a way that’s easy and fun, not stressful.


Success isn’t made up of huge leaps forward, but instead small repetitive actions completed each day. These small steps eventually lead to great achievements in the pursuit of your goals.