Tune in

On my podcast, I explore topics that fascinate me that will unlock ideas to help you rise even higher in your life. Myself and special guests will be talking entrepreneurship and how to build better businesses, organisation and figuring out how to get more shit done quicker and smarter, staying in touch with our soul and how to blend business babies with real babies.

Season 01. The Expert Season

The first season kicked off in August 2019 and is running right now. Season 1 is the Expert Season. Each week I chat to a thoughtleader who is a consumate guru in their specific field. From soul-aligned businesses with Helen Jacobs to how to sell like crazy with Sabri Suby, this season is overflowing with fresh inspiration, actionable tips and aha moments.

Episode 3 – How to Sell Like Crazy with Sabri Suby

With the exception of a couple of people, the entrepreneurs I work with find sales to be the most difficult thing about running their businesses. Sales feels really gross for them and asking for money feels even more gross.