I am BACK in Sydney.

It felt very strange to come back to the city after our week in the Outback – no red earth, no 4WDs everywhere, cool air, noise… My favourite thing about living in Sydney is that it always feels great to come back, regardless of where I’ve been travelling.

The three days after I got back were major sort-my-life-out days, all about getting set up for the year ahead – and seeing friends in between. There was a major healthy food stock-up, a bedroom zen-ifying and the first stage of my new hair.


Hair 1

Cab selfie for Wade!

 Cover image credit: watchfit.com

Back to the office on Monday, and it was so nice to see the team. We’ve got our annual planning day on Thursday this week so we’ve each got a session to run for that. This is the first time we’ve done a day like this – normally we have a loose plan for the year and then do an offsite quarterly planning session every three months.

This year we’re going to be a LOT more organised, so we’ll have the whole year mapped out as much as we can at the end of this week. We have our key dates in the diaries for the year as well – so the team retreat, quarterly planning sessions and even the Christmas break for next year…. I’ve diarised my business trips and holidays, and the overall result is that I’m feeling I’ve got a good visual of how this year (hopefully) will go.

Anyway, onto the final stage of annual goalsetting…

Now I’ve got my goals set for the year, it’s time to make them happen!

A US study of millionaires and billionaires found that millionaires looked at their goals once a day, and billionaires twice a day. It’s key that you put your goals somewhere that you’ll see them. Every. Single. Day. Without. Fail.

My trick in our last house was to stick them up in the shower – achieving a double whammy of me being a captive audience to my goals, but it’s also the place that many people get their best ideas!

I bought a $15 laminator a few years ago, which makes it super easy to laminate important documents for the office… and home. Sticky dots keep your goals in place even in the hot and steamy shower, and can peel off easily if you move out or want to shift them about.

The shower may not work for you – so think about where you are without fail every day: your wardrobe door, car, dressing table, car or above your desk in your office.

I’ve moved mine now to my dressing table as the layout of our new shower didn’t work as well in our new house. As I do my make-up in the morning, I scan through the list and make a mental note of which goals I can move forward that day.

The next thing we need to do is kick in our Reticular Activating Cortex – we make our goals visual! Humans are programmed to seek out something we can see – ever wonder why you see a certain breed of dog everywhere once you decide on the puppy you want? Or maybe you buy a Toyota Prius, and all you seem to see are Prius cars on the road?

That’s your RAC at play. It’s also why vision boards are so effective.

Take the time to look at your goals and pick some key images that together paint that picture for you.   Some people spend days putting their vision board together, snipping inspiring images and quotes out of magazines, and they’re beautiful works of art.

I am not one of those people.

Mine was built using Google Image searches and a blank Powerpoint slide – it doesn’t need to be complex, it just needs to do the job! Select some images that portray the vision you’re working towards, and look at it every day. You’ll be amazed at how you start to make those images a reality.

My vision board captures all the key things I want to make happen in 2016 – health, success, spirituality, style, travel and relationships.

By doing these two simple things – putting our goals somewhere we see them every day and having a vision board alongside it – we can effortlessly keep ourselves on track to where we want to be.

Here’s my dressing table this morning (note calm new bed linen – love!!):


I hope these little tricks help you have the most successful year yet in 2016. Let me know how you go…