I am so excited that my very first ever book is going to be onshelf next week. This might also explain my lengthy absence from the blog for the last couple of months…

Why write a book?

I wanted to capture the many, many learnings I’ve had since starting The Remarkables Group in May 2012 – did I mention many?

I wanted to write it when those early years were still fresh in my brain, and so that those on this journey too might glean some tips from me on what to do (and maybe more importantly) what not to do when starting a business.

I knuckled down to writing over September and October last year, tapping away furiously at the kitchen table every Monday and Saturday for seven weeks.

My dear friend Lisa Messenger very kindly agreed to write the foreword, and I was over the moon to receive a book offer from Hachette Australia in March this year.

The team there has worked furiously to get the book out in record time – considering some books take almost a year to get from go to whoa, this is no mean feat.

The result is Remarkability: Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You.


Isn’t it gorgeous?!

What is remarkability?

It’s something or someone worth talking about – that gets commented on, is spoken about in circle outside of our immediate sphere of influence and that gets brilliant results.

It’s doing the stuff that other people wouldn’t even think of doing, or can’t be bothered doing.

I firmly believe that success isn’t made up of huge leaps forward, but of small remarkable actions completed each day that eventually lead to great achievements.

The book is a compact summary of the lessons I have learnt during my entrepreneurship journey through study, trial and error; the strategies I have developed and the habits I religiously follow.

It feels extremely surreal that in just a few days’ time that I’ll walk into a bookstore and BAM, my book is there…

I’m so grateful to my team for driving the business ahead on those Mondays, to the kickass team at Hachette for the incredible job they’ve done with my book-child and to everyone who bounced ideas with me and read parts of the book.

Where you can get it

If you’d like to check out, it’s available in bookstores, on Booktopia, Amazon and iTunes.

I’ll be doing a series of events over the coming months so stay tuned here for all the details…

If you read the book, I would love to hear what you think – just drop me a line here.