At The Remarkables Group, we send a LOT of gifts.  Not in a bribey “please spend money with us” kind of way, but as a thank you for someone’s support or to congratulate them on a special event in their lives.

It’s a great way to make someone feel appreciated, and I know personally I probably get more out of giving a gift than receiving one!

The importance of sending a thoughtful, well-timed gift cannot be overestimated.  Particularly in our industry, clients and influencers are “love-bombed” (as I call it) daily by various different companies trying to get their attention or their money.  So the more unique, special, thoughtful or touching gifts are, the more unique, special and thought-about the gift receiver will feel.

Over the years, I have trialled TONNES of different gifts and gifting services.  As a result, I’ve got a pretty well-honed gifting approach that seems to have the desired result depending on why the gift is being sent, as well as a few different budget options.

If you’re not a gifty-type person and have no idea where to start – do not fear friend!  Here’s my little black book of gifting to help you make it easy-peasy lemon-squeezey to spread some joy in the world…

1. “Happy birthday!”

Flowers, without fail.  There is something about that knock on the door on your birthday that can’t be achieved with any other gift.

We send our influencers flowers each year on their birthday, and had done for three years.  We pretty much always got a photo of the flowers delivered, or they shared a pic on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.

Last year we decided to mix it up and instead send luxury pampering kits, which we aimed to arrive on their special day (it was hard to make this happen as the company needed a three-day lead time via mail).

They didn’t get half as positive a reaction as the bouquets of flowers, so we switched back to flowers again at the start of this year – and instantly the tweets/texts/Facebook messages started up again.  Interflora is the go-to for us, or Buds & Bowers if they’re in Sydney.

P.S: I’ve found that boys like flowers too – as they never, ever get them.

Buds & Bower "Blanc et Vert" - $95.00+

Buds & Bower “Blanc et Vert” – $95.00+

2. “You have a baby!”

We’ve been sending care packages from Caring Canary to our bloggers/clients/industry buddies since the company first started last year.  One of my favourites is the New Mum package, which is perfect for those who’ve been visited by the stork since the company first started mid-last year.

I love it as every element of the package has been so thoughtfully chosen – from the thermal mug to keep their coffee warm, to the beautiful throw to make them feel a little more glam that also doubles as a wrap for the baby or to throw around their shoulders when breast-feeding.

Caring Canary New Mum care package – $99.00

Oh, and if you haven’t gotten your ass in gear for Valentine’s Day this Sunday – I spied some stunning (and healthy) V-Day packages on there this morning.

3. “I have absolutely no idea what to send you … but thanks!”

I first came across the Special Delivery Company when one of our influencers (Sarah at A Beach Cottage) sent a gorgeous gift of luxury teas and chocolates to our team.  It made a fabulous statement when it arrived in a striking black hat box, wrapped with luxurious ribbon.

This awesome fancy honey from the Special Delivery Company has saved my ass on several occasions.  It’s the perfect gift for someone who you know has already received their weight in whisky/chocolate/wine.  It strikes the perfect balance between being thoughtful and not being OTT (read: bribey).  It’s also utterly unisex.  AND it comes with a cute card saying “You’re the Bees Knees”.  Quadruple win!

I sent this once to the CEO of one of Australia’s biggest companies, as a thank you for an incredibly kind dig-out he gave me.  I only found out months later that he’s actually a honey aficionado – so the gift was even more thoughtful than I intended it to be.

The Special Delivery Company - "You're The Bees Knees" , $48.00

The Special Delivery Company – “You’re The Bees Knees” , $48.00

4. “Hooray, you’ve been promoted!”

Champagne, every time.  We have a few bottles of Veuve Clicquot in our office to send to Sydney clients with a handwritten note, or if they’re interstate we’ll use Wine Only to get their bubbles to them on the same day.

Wine Only – Champagne with Carrier, $114.95

5. “You got hitched!”

I am addicted to Ikou candles – I’ve bought them for our home for years and love how intensely they scent the air, even when they’re unlit.  They’re made in the Blue Mountains and the story behind the Ikou brand is one of those perfectly on-purpose, human entrepreneurial ones.  The candles are 100% natural soy, and are even vegan!  They’ve got a store in the QVB in Sydney and Leura in the Blue Mountains, and their online delivery is super quick.

We’ll send the Happiness candle (also my favourite!) with a note wishing the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness together.  We sent one to a client a couple of weeks ago and she told us that the scent was the very same as the candle in their room for their mini-honeymoon at Wolgan Valley, so it brought her back to those special few days every time she smelled it.

Ikou Eco-Luxury Candle Glass in Happiness, $19.95 (small) or $39.95 (large)

Ikou Eco-Luxury Candle Glass in Happiness, $19.95 (small) or $39.95 (large)

6. “Sorry we f*cked up”

Sometimes one of these gifts is required – thankfully not very often…  You need to judge the situation carefully, as misjudging and sending a gift can make it ten times worse!

Two of my favourites for this special kind of need are:

  1. Luxury handwash and hand lotion – we fell short on expectations with a special client a couple of years ago, and I felt we needed to make a gesture to signify that feedback had been taken onboard and that we were starting anew with the relationship. I chose this Grown Alchemist gift pack from David Jones, and sent a note to the client saying we were looking forward to a clean slate with them.
Grown Alchemist Hand Wash & Hand Cream Twin Set, $69.95

Grown Alchemist Hand Wash & Hand Cream Twin Set, $69.95

  1. Rocky Road chocolates – this is a more humorous approach, and as such requires even more careful judgement. This La’Quar rocky road gift will definitely get noticed, and will hopefully herald smoother seas for you with the person receiving it!
La'Quar gift box with rocky road bites, approx $38.00

La’Quar gift box with rocky road bites, approx $38.00

Box text suggest from La'Quar7. “OMG, you’ve started a business!”

Nothing will give budding entrepreneurs a monthly dose of inspiration like a subscription to Collective Hub.  I’ve gifted this to some of my mentees and it’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

Collective Hub annual subscription – $89.00 for 12 issues

I’ll also give them Lisa’s first book of her recent series, Daring & Disruptive as it’s the perfect go-get-‘em manual as people set out in business.

Daring & Disruptive by Lisa Messenger, $29.95

Daring & Disruptive by Lisa Messenger, $29.95

8. “Thinking of you/well done/good luck on your first day/thank you/miscellaneous”

I have a huge soft spot for Little Flowers.  If you haven’t come across them before, this cute-as-a-button company goes to the flower markets at dawn every morning and selects a couple of different blooms for the day’s bouquets.  The flowers are then fashioned into little posies wrapped in hessian sacking, have your short note attached, and get delivered by pushbike to most of Sydney’s central suburbs – for just $30!!

The last three times I’ve sent them have been to welcome a mentee back to work who had just lost her mum, to congratulate someone on their first day in a new role and as a thank you to one of my team for checking in on our cat while we were away for the weekend.  See?  Like a one-size-fits-all gifting solution!

Little Flowers bouquet, $30

Little Flowers bouquet, $30

It’s only available in Sydney at the moment, but Carly Jacobs has recommended Daily Blooms for you Melbournites.

I hope my little black book of gifts sparks some inspo for you next time you have someone to make feel special.

I’m always on the look-out for new ways to surprise and delight, so please do share your insider tips as well…

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