Baby, You’re Remarkable!

My third book is arriving on 29th August! Baby, You’re Remarkable shares my experience of having a real baby join my business baby.

About The Book

The idea for this book came long before our daughter was born. When myself and my husband decided to start trying for a baby, I was running my own multi-million dollar business – and the thought of how I’d combine that business baby with a real baby terrified me.

I had no idea how I’d go about it, and even though I searched for books and stories from women who’d been there and done that, I couldn’t find the book I needed that would give me some insight into what the experience was like, what mistakes I could avoid and what life tweaks would make it easier.

Our daughter Lexi was born in June 2017 and her birth was probably the most transformational experiences of my life. Everything changed – I felt I’d be reborn myself as a person, and that many things in my life that I took for granted needed to be revisited and reworked.

This book is the book I wished I’d had four years ago, and I wanted to package up all the insights, ideas and life hacks I learned on my journey.

This is not a one-size-fits-all step-by-step guide – after all, every business, every child, every parent and every family is different. Instead, this book is a unfiltered, totally honest and judgement-free account of my personal (and not always perfect!) journey in running a business and having a baby.

Including experiences and insights from a variety of other parents, and coupled with plenty of useful checklists, reading lists and suggested downloads, I hope that my story will show you it is possible to blend a business baby with a real baby, and will inspire you to maintain your remarkable career while growing a remarkable family.

Chapters include:

  • F*ck the juggle
  • The Mental Load
  • Mum Guilt
  • Life systems
  • Building the village
  • Travelling with Baby

If you’ve just read the book, you’ll no doubt be seeking out the resources I mention throughout. Easy! You can find them right here.

Chapter 1

I’d like to start our adventure together by very clearly stating what this book is NOT.

It is NOT a how-to manual to having a career and family. There is no step-by-step as every family, every business, every child and every parent is different – so one-size-fits-all is pretty much guaranteed to fit no-one here!

It is NOT an expert’s guide. Lord knows I’ve still very much got my training wheels on with this new gig. However, what worked with Remarkability was me sharing my start-up experience when those days were still a recent memory – so I hope this book will do the same.

It is NOT a monthly breakdown of pregnancy and beyond. There are many (actually qualified) people who do that job very well.

It is NOT a manifesto on how you should be living your life. You’re entering a judgement-free zone, folks.

It is NOT a discourse on flexible working, paid parental leave or government policy on childcare subsidies. As a business owner, I’ve kind of operated outside the matrix when it comes to leave and childcare.

Ok, now that’s out of the way …

What this book IS is an honest account of my personal journey in running a business and having a baby. It’s our family’s story, plus as many other experiences/perspectives as I can squeeze in from other parents. That simple.

Of course, I have downloads, lists and a reading treasure trail – like all my books do. You can download the suggested reading on my website. However, that cool stuff takes a backseat to the personal stories and experiences in this book. Because I believe the biggest personal growth originates from trading stories.

Becoming a mother was transformational for me – I think you’d struggle to find any parent who wouldn’t say that, right?

Lexi’s birth led to my own rebirth as a woman, a businessperson, a wife, a daughter, a spiritual student, friend, every ‘hat’ I wear in life. Life is unrecognisable now when I compare it to my life before 13 minutes past midnight on Tuesday 13 June 2017.

From day dot of having my own business – and indeed a factor in deciding whether or not to start a business – was how a family would integrate into that business. Having gone out on my own, that question loomed constantly, like a balloon permanently tethered to me. Not quite in sight, but always present, bobbing along behind me.

Now I’m doing it, I want to share the behind-the-scenes story on how that blend manifests itself IRL (In Real Life) – beyond the glossy, filtered version of life presented in little squares on Instagram.

This is the book I needed to read when I was starting my business, and the book I desperately wanted over the last few years on the journey I’ve been on to get to the point I’m at now.

Now more than ever we need voices like Lorraine’s to lift women up and continue the conversation about what it’s going to take for us all to get ahead, together.

Olivia Ruello, CEO Business Chicks Australia

Tour Dates!

29 Aug, 2019

8-10.00 am

Sydney Book Launch

Join me for a three-course breakfast in Sydney’s buzzing Barangaroo for the very first event in my book launch calendar.

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